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The Art of 'Stay'cationing at the Windemere Inn by the Sea

The Windemere Inn by the Sea in Indialantic, FL, right across the Indian river lagoon, is one of the more amazing Inns right here on the Space Coast of Florida. It's the perfect B&B for visiting family members, and also your very own... stay-cation.

Pavlova for Every Occasion in Australia & New Zealand

A chef from the Hotel Wellington in New Zealand created a cake made of a meringue crust topped with fresh cream and kiwi fruit. Almost a century later and the Pavlova Cake is both the Australian and New Zealand National dish and it's origin is a fascinating story.

Royal Red Shrimp Gulfport, Mississippi

Half Shell Oyster House gets their reds as local as they can, but shrimpers rarely have them in Mississippi. Since Royal Reds are found farther out than most shrimp and are sold for the same price as other shrimp, the Shrimpers in the area don't commonly spend the time or money or have the proper equipment to go out and catch Royal Reds in the Mississippi Gulf Coast. For this reason, only a handful of restaurants in Gulfport serve these plump red delicacies.