The Art of 'Stay'cationing at the Windemere Inn by the Sea

Windemere Inn by the Sea

The term 'staycation' has become incredibly over-used in the past few years, but it is one that's very fitting for life in Florida. In fact many might consider everyday spent living in Florida is a Stay-cation. I quite often find myself day dreaming of spending a disconnected week on a remote island in the Caribbean, not a stay-cation by definition. Fortunately, I have found a similar dream location only 5 miles away from our office in Florida. The Windemere Inn by the Sea in Indialantic, FL, right across the Indian river lagoon, is one of the more amazing Inns right here on the Space Coast of Florida. It's the perfect B&B for visiting family members, and also your very own... stay-cation.

The incredibly comfortable queen bed

My stay at the Windemere Inn by the Sea started in the main house with a small bowl of chocolates resting on the table in front of me and Innkeeper Bonnie was there to greet me upon arrival. After a quick grand tour of the property I was shown my room for the night which was in one on the outer bungalows on the property. My room had a quaint front porch, so close to the beach that you could hear the sounds of the waves lapping the shore and feel the cool ocean breeze.

My room had the feel of a modern Oceanside retreat and was filled with everything one might need for a relaxing night: a double headed shower, cool and light ocean blue colors, a wonderfully comfortable queen sized bed, plenty of books and magazines to read, a small flat screen TV with plenty of movies to choose from in the main house (I watched The Goonies that night), and some delicious bed side Ghirardelli chocolates. Each room on the property offers something a little different with the same overall feel (some have warmer tones, extra beds, sunken jacuzzi tubs, there's even a bungalow for those who travel with their furry family members.) There's 11 rooms total scattered throughout this unique property.

Surfers play on a glassy ocean

No detail has been forgotten including plush robes, umbrellas for rainy Florida afternoons, and flashlights for nights when it's not turtle season. I spent my evening walking on the beach followed by a movie in bed. That movie was complimented by a few snacks from 'the Parlour' are which also includes free sodas, waters, and brandy. The plethora of late night snacks (including a jar full of host Bonnie's home made chocolate chip cookies) and drinks are  all amenities included in your nights stay, how great is that!

The breakfast room at Windemere Inn by the Sea

After an incredible nights sleep I woke up early for a sunrise walk on the beach. Afterwards I got to experience what I really came here for.... The food! And wow, it was an amazing breakfast! 

I started with some tea complimented by local honey and a bowl of pineapple and watermelon slices topped lightly with fresh mint. After some scrambled eggs with cheese and some wonderfully seasoned potatoes topped with baked apple slices, we moved on to the star of the morning.... a cream cheese stuff croissant topped with fresh blueberries, whipped cream, and a drizzle of syrup (*see recipe below). Wow! Such an incredible breakfast all prepared individually and served by host Bonnie. A foodies dream and again all inclusive in the cost of your stay.

Pineapple, Watermelon, and Mint... refreshing!

I spent the rest of my morning on the beach photographing surfers and relaxing on a beach chair provided by the Inn. Their beach closet includes beach chairs, boogie boards, beach games, towels and other items one might need for a great day on the beach all at no extra charge!

You might also spend your day exploring all of the attractions and natural beauties of the Space Coast or getting a massage on property (book a week in advance of your stay). There's no shortage of things to do for everyone but our first suggestion is of course the beach right outside your door. Other activities we like are kayaking, maybe a day trip to Cape Canaveral or the Kennedy Space Center, or an incredible dinner, there are plenty of restaurants within walking distance of the Inn. Ask your host for suggestions.

Your own patio on the ocean.

The Windemere Inn by the Sea has charm, beauty, comfort, wonderful amenities, attention to detail and so much more to make your stay on the Space Coast an amazing one. Even though this property is just a few miles away from our own office, we can't wait to take another stay-cation there! Tell them Real Food Real Kitchens sent you and enjoy.

by Craig Chapman

for more information visit the Windemere Inn by the Sea website or call 321-728-9334 / 800-224-6853

The highlight of breakfast - croissant stuffed with cream cheese and topped with blueberries and whipped cream


recipe by Bonnie L. De Lelys

These stuffed croissants were the highlight of our morning at the Windemere Inn by the Sea. We couldn't wait to get home and make them again for our own family. Amazing for a Sunday brunch!


12 - 1 day old croissants cut in half

12 eggs

1 1/3 cup orange juice

2/3 cup milk

16oz cream cheese

2 cups confectioners sugar

2 tbsp triple sec

blueberries, sliced peaches, sliced apples or other favorite fruit

whipped cream



in a medium mixing bowl, mix cream cheese, confectioners sugar, and triple sec until well blended.

Coat each croissant half with cream cheese mixture and top with your choice of fruit.

Re-assemble croissant halves in to full croissants. 

Spread croissants evenly in a 13 x 11 glass baking dish.

In another mixing bowl, combine eggs, orange juice, and milk and whisk until smooth.

Pour mixture over croissants in the baking dish, let sit for 15 minutes.

Turn over croissants, cover the baking dish, and let marinate in refrigerator over night.

The next day, bake at 350 for 25 minutes.

Serve individual croissants drizzled with warm syrup and topped with extra fruit and a spoon of whipped cream.