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Stuffed Mozzarella and Spinach Pizza Bites

Anything pizza related we LOVE! It's a quick, simple and delicious dish that can be ordered in or made at home. It's a quick weeknight meal and especially during this Holiday season, it's an easy and fast way to feed everyone at the end of a long day of shopping, visiting family or sprucing up around the house. These stuffed mozzarella and spinach pizza bites are easy to make! 

Waffle Grilled Cheese with...

We love the diversity of a grilled sandwich. You can make them your own by putting on any of your favorite sandwich ingredients. Making a grilled sandwich using whole wheat waffles makes it simple, fun, and is a crispier alternative to normal sandwich bread. Waffles also hold a lot more deliciousness in those nooks and crannies.

Quick & Simple Recipe: Blue Cheese Pasta

If you're like us here at Real Food Real Kitchens, time is something we always lack. One would think that since we are making delicious food all day in the RFRK kitchen that we'd all be pretty well fed. True as that is, if we always ate what we made here in the kitchen, we'd all weigh about 50 extra pounds...