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Simple and Delicious Black Bean & Cheese Dip

A quick and easy appetizer recipe is always good to have on hand. Heres one for a simple black bean dip that will make everyone happy! Perfect for any type of party or just an after school snack! Try this recipe and enjoy! 

Mini Frittata's Recipe

There are plenty of ways to prepare eggs, but one our favorites are mini frittatas! They are so diverse, you can put whatever ingredient you want in them, similar to a homemade pizza. They are perfect for breakfast, brunch or small get togethers.

Quick & Simple Recipe: Blue Cheese Pasta

If you're like us here at Real Food Real Kitchens, time is something we always lack. One would think that since we are making delicious food all day in the RFRK kitchen that we'd all be pretty well fed. True as that is, if we always ate what we made here in the kitchen, we'd all weigh about 50 extra pounds...