Goat Cheese Bruschetta with Mint

Goat Cheese Bruschetta with Mint

Having a wealth of delicious and creative appetizers in your recipe bank is a must! When our friend Toni introduced us to these tasty delights, they instantly went in to our regular rotation for BBQ's, cookouts, and dinner parties. 

These refreshing bruschetta bites include olive oil, a hint of garlic, creamy goat cheese, zesty tomatoes, and a touch of earthy mint. Add some cracked black pepper and red onion and you have an appetizer that's so good it will disappear instantly.


1 thin loaf of Italian bread, sliced in one inch pieces

1 clove of garlic cut in half

Finely chopped tomatoes (we used Dei Fratelli's Fine Chopped Tomatoes)

Goat cheese, thin medallions

Red onion, thinly sliced slivers

Mint, chopped

Olive oil

salt & pepper to taste


Toast slices of Italian bread at 350 degrees until golden brown.

Brush each piece with olive oil then rub fresh end of garlic over the bread.

Add a small spoon of tomatoes topped with goat cheese (you can re-toast your bruschetta until your goat cheese is golden brown at this point if desired).

Top goat cheese with 2 slivers of red onion and a pinch of mint.


by Craig Chapman

Goat Cheese Bruschetta with Mint