Waffle Grilled Cheese with...

Waffle Grilled Cheese with tomato and spinach.

We love the diversity of a grilled sandwich. You can make them your own by putting on any of your favorite sandwich ingredients. Making a grilled sandwich using whole wheat waffles makes it simple and fun and it's a crispier alternative to normal sandwich bread. Waffles also hold a lot more deliciousness in those nooks and crannies.

We side towards grilled cheese sandwiches because that's what our Mom made for us as children. So we made this grilled cheese, tomato, and spinach as our example (*pictured). But there are a slew of other great combinations you can create: mozzarella, tomato and pesto, a warm peanut butter and jelly, hazelnut spread with bananas, grilled veggies with hummus and more. What's your favorite grilled sandwich combination?


Frozen whole wheat waffles

Your favorite sandwich fillings


Toast two waffles in a toaster as instructed on the box.

Add your sandwich fillings between the pieces of toast.

Using a panini or sandwich press (or use a hot and slightly greased pan) press your sandwich together until it is warm throughout. We love using some kind of cheese to melt and hold all of the ingredients together.

Cut into halves and serve as a sandwich or cut into quarters to use them as snacks or appetizers.

We served our waffle sandwiches with tortilla chips and KYVAN's Honey Apple Salsa. One of our favorite new salsa that mixes a little sweet with a spice and a uniquely fresh southern taste, mixing apples and fresh vegetables.

by Craig Chapman

Waffle Grilled Cheese served with KYVAN's Honey Apple Salsa and tortilla chips.