Super Simple Snacking with Apples

Super Simple Snacking with Apples

Super simple snacking are our three favorite words to live by in the afternoons. Whether it's an after school snack  or mid-afternoon pick me up at work... we all need a little 'hold me over' until dinner rolls around. 

We took the always delicious concept of a caramel apple, and turned it in to a personalized treat that everyone will enjoy. You can pick your own dip and top these apple slices with an endless combination of healthy toppings.

Large apples cut in to slices
Wooden skewer sticks cut in half
Three or more kinds of dips (we used creamy peanut butter, and two dips from our friends at Amoretti; Cookies & Cream spread and Hazelnut Praline spread)
A selection of toppings (we used dried cranberries, crushed nuts, and banana granola... you could also try shredded coconut and other types of dried fruit.)

Cut apple(s) in to slices.

Put a skewer about half way through the bottom of the apple slices (as pictured).

Dip the top in to your favorite dip and then in to your favorite toppings.


by Craig Chapman

Thanks to PAPERCHEF for the awesome Tulip Cups we used to hold our toppings!