Simple BBQ Chicken Lunch

Simple BBQ Chicken Lunch

Stretching the food budget each month is a must for most families, so finding simple and creative ways to use up those leftovers is important! For most houses-holds chicken is on the menu at least once or more a week, so for an example, we took our leftover roasted chicken and made these 2-minute BBQ chicken sandwiches. We wrapped them up in wax paper just like the corner deli would, cut them in half and sent them packing in children's lunch boxes (and ours too!).


1/2 cup shredded roast chicken

1/4 cup BBQ sauce (we used KYVAN Sweet BBQ Sauce)

1 kaiser roll slice in two


Mix shredded roast chicken and BBQ sauce together.

Distribute on to kaiser roll evenly.

There you have an amazing and super simple BBQ chicken sandwich. We served ours with hummus (recipe), carrots, half a banana, a Buddy Fruits Smoothies, and an Apple & Eve Fuitables juice box to round out the lunch.

by Craig Chapman

A well rounded lunch.

KYVAN Sweet BBQ Sauce

KYVAN Sweet BBQ Sauce

We love KYVAN Sweet BBQ Sauce so much we could almost drink it straight out of the bottle. Being from the south ourselves (ATL) we love to slather BBQ sauce on just about anything. Their unique Mississippi recipe has a tomato base, a touch of sweetness, and a distinctive mix of smoke to enhance the flavors of southern BBQ.

COMPLEAT Modular by Unikia

COMPLEAT by Modular by Unikia

We packed our sandwich in to an incredibly design lunch container, the Modular by Unikia of Norway. Their COMPLEAT line of products are innovative, creative, simple, incredibly functional, compact, and beautiful!