Hot Dog! Wiener Fabulous Recipes

Hot Dog! Wiener Fabulous Recipes

When it's time to celebrate, no other food is more fabulous than the hot dog! The toppings and flavor combinations are limitless. You can top your dog in a more traditional way with ketchup, mustard, relish, or onions.... or you can get creative (which is what we like to do) and go for toppings like fresh made guacamole, grilled pineapple, salsa, hot sauce, chutneys, and more! We also grilled up veggie dogs to so everyone could join in on the fun. 

Dei Fratelli's Original Salsa Medium

Our favorite combination this time around was a 'Guac-o-Dog' that we topped off with grilled pineapple and served with tortilla chips and salsa (we love Dei Fratelli's Original Salsa Medium).

Our first order of business was making the fresh guacamole.

Fresh Made Guacamole



1 avocado

1/4 small red onion diced

1 clove of garlic chopped

2 small roma tomatoes

1 small bunch of cilantro (maybe 1/4 cup to taste)

1 tbsp olive oil

sea salt & fresh ground black pepper to taste

*1 tbsp fresh lime juice is optional


In a mortar & pestle or molcajete add your garlic, onion, cilantro, olive oil, and salt and pepper. Grind your ingredients until they are well blended. 

Peel your avocado and remove the pit (hang on to the pit for later). Cut in to chunks and add in the your mixture, continue to grind the ingredients until smooth (you should add lime juice during this step).

Dice your tomatoes and then with a spoon, stir in to the mixture. If your mortar & pestle is overflowing by this step like ours was, you can transfer over to a larger bowl before stirring in your diced tomatoes.

Cover mixture and refrigerate for an hour or more if possible. If you still have the avocado pit you can add it back in to this mixture to keep it from browning.

Your guacamole is now ready to be spread on your hot dogs. While cooking our hot dogs, we used some for snacking with tortilla chips. 

Hot Dogs on the Grill


We first cut our dogs down the middle and laid them flat on the grill (*see picture). We let them cook for 6 - 9 minutes minutes over medium heat and turned them frequently. 

With just a few minutes left until each hot dog was complete, we opened a can of sliced pineapple rings, patted each ring dry with a paper towel, and laid them directly on the grill. Each pineapple ring only needs a minute or so per side. We then cut the pineapple in to chunks.

Dog in a Bun.

With hot dogs complete and pineapple ready, we topped our dogs with a slice of cheese, a heavy dose of fresh guacamole, and a few pieces of the grilled pineapple. We serve them with tortilla chips to use as vehicles for all the extra guac we put on top of the dogs and for the side of salsa we served as well.




Some people love the traditional condiments that go with hot dogs: ketchup, mustard, relish, etc... but with so many new and fabulous options out there, we gave some of our dogs a twist with these unique condiments...

Sun Dried Tomato Ketchup


Traina came in last year with a sensible twist on your everyday ketchup by elevating the flavor using sun dried tomatoes. After tasting this ketchup you might not go back to the everyday stuff... ever! 

As seen on Shark Tank


Your everyday coleslaw this is not... Slawsa is in essence a cabbage based-relish with a salsa twist. A new kind of condiment that even haters of coleslaw will love. It compliments a hot dog well and comes in flavors: garlic, spicy garlic, and original. 





Saas Hot Sauce

SAAS Onion & Garlic Hot Sauce

We eat hot sauce on just about everything here at Real Food Real Kitchens. Getting a new hot sauce is cause for celebration every time, which is why we were psyched to get this garlicky concoction by SAAS. We probably would not eat this alone on a hot dog, but a few drops along with our fresh made guac made total sense!

We heart Chutney!


We gobble up chutney when we go out for Indian food, so adding a little of that Indian spice to a hot dog seemed fitting. Especially after having Bombay Emerald Chutney Company's Royal Tomato Chutney. It has those magical ingredients of hot peppers, ginger, cilantro, tomato and more that compliments a hot dog so well. We literally poured some of this on each bite of our hot dog.

Our favorite Ginger Beer!


To lighten the load and cool off on a hot summer day, we like our beverages icy cold.  This year we are on a Sparkling ICE 'Kiwi Strawberry' kick! It's bubbly, refreshing and has just a little sweet touch added to it. For later in the day we like to move over to Gosling's Ginger Beer! It's our favorite of all the ginger beers out there and pairs perfect with their Bermuda Black Rum to make a Dark n' Stormy if you want an adult beverage.

Wieners Gone Wild! - Out of the Ballpark Recipes for Extraordinary Hot Dogs


For more unique ideas on how to do your dogs different, pick up a copy of the ever cute, delicious, and creative: Wieners Gone Wild! - Out of the Ballpark Recipes for Extraordinary Hot Dogs by  Holly Schmidt & Allan Penn (Running Press / Perseus Books Group). This awesome book has dozens of out of the ordinary hot dog ideas from around the world featuring recipes like: 'The Salty Dog' - smothered with Sriracha coleslaw and topped with cornmeal-fried clams... or the 'Porked' with barbecued pulled pork topped with mac n cheese (we love!). Use this book for a little inspiration and find your dog of choice this summer, the possibilities are endless, like we all wish summer would be.

article by Craig Chapman

The final presentation with some delicious Sparkling ICE 'Kiwi Strawberry' on the side.