Superfoods Salad

Superfoods Salad

We have absolutely fallen in love with this salad so we had to share. We used to go to Publix (our grocery store where we have half our offices) and pick these up pre-made, but when it became a daily occurrence and we were buying more than one a day, we just went big with it and started making our own. Speaking of big, we like our salads BIG, so you will notice we haven't measured anything in this recipe. The key difference between our salad and the one at Publix, is the dressing we use. Our all time favorite new dressing is by Robert Rothschild, a blueberry balsamic, WOW!!! This salad is delicious and full and satisfying.





Almond slivers

Dried Cranberries

Cherry Tomatoes

Robert Rothschild Blueberry Balsamic


Pile on all the ingredients to your liking in a giant bowl, add your dressing, mix and fall in love!

*Some other suggestions for this salad might be to add a little sea salt on top, or maybe some chunks of mozzarella cheese. Grilled chicken would be great to top this one off as well.

by Craig Chapman

Superfoods Salad