RFRK Inspired Mini Blueberry Cobblers

RFRK Inspired Mini Blueberry Cobblers

Real Food Real Kitchens is a show, website, and magazine that we produce with passion and love not only for the food but also because of the stories behind that food. So nothing is more gratifying then when a story we tell inspires a fellow food enthusiast to create a story of their own. This is exactly what happened when fellow food blogger Shelina Guthrie from The Frugal Flambe saw our 'Southern' episode from season one one Hulu which featured an amazing cobbler dish by our guest Sabrina.

Shelina unexpectedly made her own version of Sabrina's now famous cobbler, she said, "Cooking this gem the first time around was completely unplanned and the result of watching a show on Hulu called “Real Food Real Kitchens“. It was a quick southern-style dessert, and a good resting place for the way-too-big carton of blueberries I’d bought at Sam’s. Not only was it delicious, but it also reheated in the microwave well- a good thing since the recipe made a huge amount- and we enjoyed it for a whole week."

Her first attempt at photographing these tasty little cobbler treats didn't go so well, but luckily Shelina says, "the next week, my husband was jonesin’ for more of the blueberry awesomeness, so I whipped up a half batch and baked them in ramekins, then took proper photos. Aren’t you thankful? I mean, really. " (*see the beauty shot above). 

We are psyched to say the least that Shelina watched the show and was inspired to make her own version of Sabrina's cobbler. It is one of our favorites at Real Food Real Kitchens and you can get the recipe to Shelina, The Frugal Flambe's version HERE! Enjoy!

by Craig Chapman

Posted on August 20, 2013 and filed under Dessert.