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What time of year is it? If you guessed the Super Bowl then have a beer! And if you guessed something else, well no worries, you can still have a beer.

The Food of Jakku in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

After rushing out to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens with the rest of the world last night, I woke up this morning with the taste of buttery movie popcorn in my mouth still thinking, 'Is the food of the planet Jakku even possible? And if it is would it be good?'.

Top 10 Trends in Baking for 2015

We LOVE baked goods, especially those that are sweet! So when our friends at Wilton announced their 'Top 10 Trends in Baking' for 2015, we read with the anticipation of trying all of them.

GIFT GUIDE - Hand Crafted Olive Oil

Olive Oil can be like a fine wine to a Chef. It's a key ingredient to most dishes and adds not only subtle flavor but also affects the way food cooks. Holman Ranch offers up small batch olive oil that's incredibly delicious and a rare gift for the foodie in your life. 

chef ralph scamardella creates fall dim sum for the new york city wine & food festival

One steam, sticky, and delicious event at this years New York City Wine & Food Festival we are looking forward to is Dale's Dim Sum Party and one of our fave NYC chefs Chef Ralph Scamardella from TAO Downtown will be proudly serving his version of a fall dumpling delight filled with a medley of root vegetables. Watch this video and be inspired to learn how.

The Oozy Juicy Lucy Burger by Chef Michael Ferraro for the New York City Wine & Food Festival

This week leads us in to one of the greatest food festivals to take place each year, the New York City Wine & Food Festival. We can't wait! One event we are looking forward to specifically is the Blue Moon Burger Bash and one of our favorite NYC chefs Chef Michael Ferraro will be proudly serving his famous Oozy Juicy Lucy burger. Watch him make it here!