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Ample Hills Creamery - Brooklyn Ice Cream hits the New York City Wine & Food Festival

One event we are looking forward to at this year's New York City Wine & Food Festival is the Brooklyn's Best Dessert Party and ice cream social featuring Ample Hills Creamery. Co-Founder Brian Smith gives us a sample of what we can expect to taste at this years event.

Hot Brooklyn Bagels

If there is one thing we miss most when we are away from Brooklyn it's having the luxury of walking out of our front door every morning and grabbing a fresh, hot bagel with just about anything on it we desire.

Brooklyn Brine Makes Pickles Shine!

There is no culinary advancement that has changed the way we live and eat more dramatically than food preservation. Brooklyn Brine is giving the 4,000-year-old practice of pickling some time to shine.


Nutcrackers Get You Drunk

Prohibition-era Harlem must have been awesome! You have some of the best jazz ever, the best novels ever written, some of the greatest artwork I have ever seen, and bootleggers that sold cheap and sometimes toxic liquor and moonshine at rent parties and speakeasies for as little as 25 cents a pop. Score!