Rice & Corn Cakes With Flavor!

Rice & Corn Cakes With Flavor!

Rice cakes that taste good? Most of you will say, "yeah right!", but Element is hammering that tasteless attitude in to the ground with their delicious take on the often not so flavorful rice cake standard. Their four flavors are hefty in taste: Milk Chocolate (our fave), Strawberry n' Cream, Dark Chocolate, and Sweet Orange, and light in all that's bad for you in your usual junk food snacks. They pair perfect with tea or with a filling smushed between two of them (peanut butter & banana, strawberry & cream cheese....) and the added bonus is that they are gluten free with no preservatives or high fructose corn syrup (to name a few).

Element was started and self-funded in a very grass roots, customer first way by Nadia Leonelli and Fred Sundwall. They say, "We believe that 'healthy' means neither boring nor less tasty.", which we can agree with. We love DIY food companies like Element here at Real Food Real Kitchens, ones who have a grassroots approach to offering up healthy bites. While we pile on the peanut butter and bananas on to our milk chocolate rounds we're happy to know that at least the delicious Element vessel is something we don't have to feel guilty about eating. For more information visit www.elementsnacks.com

by Craig Chapman

Milk Chocolate

Posted on December 16, 2013 and filed under Snacks, Food News, Food.