Pick Number 5 - Intracoastal Brewing Company

What time of year is it? If you guessed the Super Bowl then have a beer! And if you guessed something else, well no worries, you can still have a beer.

What’s one question you always ask yourself when being invited to a Super Bowl party whether it’s at a friends place or a local bar? No Jim Nantz, it’s not “When am I going to get another Emmy Award”. It’s “What kind of beer are we gonna have?” Well we are here to help. Real Food Real Kitchens reached out to our friends at Crush Eleven Restaurant in Cocoa, FL and Intracoastal Brewing Company in Melbourne, FL to compile these ‘Top 5 Great Brews for Super Bowl Day!’.

Bartender Stu from Crush Eleven recommends you stay away from ‘high gravity’ beers (meaning high in alcohol content) or big brand beers. He says you should start out with a light lager and work your way darker as the day progresses. He says, “You don’t want to start out too big too early!” 

Our friend Donald Atwell, part owner of and brewmaster at Intracoastal Brewing Company gave us his Top 5 selections for this years Super Bowl below. Both Stu and Donald agree that a good starting point would be with some beers local to where each team playing in the Super Bowl are from; Colorado vs. Carolina:


1.) New Belgium - Citradelic

Donald says, “This flavorful tangerine IPA pairs well with spicy foods/appetizers, and everyone loves an IPA even if they don't know what they are!” Stu also agrees with this by stating "IPAs are blowing up they are great for spicier food like hot wings"



2.  Oskar Blues - Mama's Little Yella Pils  

Donald picks, “This easy drinking Pilsner that is sure to please all.”  Brewed right in Colorado!





3. Sierra Nevada - Otra Vez  

Donald says, “Since the Super Bowl is held in California, why not drink something from one of the original craft breweries in the U.S.  My number three hails from Chico, CA. Everyone knows their Pale Ale, but this slightly sour take on a Gose is the perfect warm weather thirst quencher.”



4.  Weihenstephaner - Hefeweizen  

Donald states factually, “This is my number four, since this is Super Bowl number fifty, and German Law states that Hefeweizens must have fifty percent wheat malt Is there ever a wrong time to drink a beer from the oldest existing brewery in the world?” We think not, we actually think there is never a time to not drink a beer period.


5.  Intracoastal Brewing Co.- Cuban Coffee Crisis  

Fifth and final on Donald’s list is a brew of his own from his own company Intracoastal Brewing Company, “This vanilla Coffee Brown Ale was made from a hefty dose of Cafe Bustelo that washed ashore in Melbourne Beach from the Columbia Elizabeth Barge.  The caffeine boost will help you get through all 4 quarters even with a full belly.”


Being that we here at Real Food Real Kitchens are into food first and foremost, we wanted to conclude this report of the ‘Top 5 Beers for Superbowl’ with some great appetizer recipes of our own. Enjoy with your favorite beer anytime of year! 





by Ian Hunter and Craig Chapman