Last Minute Valentine's Gift Ideas

Last Minute Valentine's Gift Ideas

Did Valentine's Day sneak up on your again this year? Looking for a last minute gift for your sweetie pie, sugar plum, honey bear, or love muffin? We have a few great ideas that will make your sweetie think you put some thought in to it this year.


Sugarbowl Bakery's petite brownie bites.

Sweets are always a must and almost as typical as a bouquet of flowers only more delicious! Chocolate is of course a must and we LOVE Sugar Bowl Bakery's petite brownie bites and their madeleines. The brownies are a perfect chocolate delight in just a bite or two. The madeleines are buttery and semi-sweet with a light caky fluffiness that is amazing!

We especially love the story of the bakery; owned by 5 brothers from Vietnam and started back in 1979, they also have seven of their children working with them. Started after the five brothers bought a local donut shop, the company is now a national brand and you can find their sweet treats almost anywhere, HERE is a list of locations. We are all about Family, Food, Culture and History so the story of Sugar Bowl Bakery is a match for Real Food Real Kitchens.

Red Flower 'Ocean'


We are obsessed with scents. Colognes, candles, lotions... anything with a delicious scent we LOVE! You could always hit a department store and pick up your sweethearts favorite, but we like the idea of making our own scents if we can. There are several simple instructional resources online of how to make your own perfumes and colognes, but it might be best if you do it together. We happen to like the scents of sweet ocean oatmeal and night blooming jasmine, but our partner might prefer some heavier and richer like vanillas and sandalwood. 

Bond No. 9 'Brooklyn'

You might not be able to snag these up before Valentines Day, but they are all well worth the wait. Our all time favorite scent for a multitude of different products is 'Ocean' by RED FLOWER. We discovered this at our friends home in Brooklyn and almost walked out with it. Amazing and conjures up some great memories from growing up in Florida.

Other favorites of ours are Bond no. 9 (Brooklyn scent) and Diptyque. If you must get something for Valentine's Day from a department store we suggest Marc Jacobs colognes and perfumes.


Willing to put Valentines off for a week? You can still book some great last minute cruises! We are a little spoiled with a departure port only 20 minutes away (Cape Canaveral), so we would plan a three day Disney Cruise with the family or that special someone. If you'd rather do something on actual Valentines day, try drinking your way around the world at Disney's Epcot and the call it a night at one of Disney's many Resorts

Disney Cruise

An overnight day trip to a romantic B&B is also another great way to get away and celebrate the day together. Indulge in some spa services, champagne, a nice dinner, and some away time together.


Sometimes just staying at home is the best thing you can do for Valentine's Day. Try cooking a meal together at home, our friends at Taste of Home have really great online cooking classes you can take together. They include meals and desserts. Cooking together with a nice bottle of wine is fun and romantic. If you're like my friend Rick, all you'll need is a babysitter.

by Craig Chapman