Top 10 Trends in Baking for 2015

Marvelous Merveilleux

We LOVE baked goods, especially those that are sweet! So when our friends at Wilton announced their 'Top 10 Trends in Baking' for 2015, we read with the anticipation of trying all of them.

Here is a brief rundown of these top trends in baking (and a video on how to make the number one baking trend 'Marvelous Merveilleux' below):

1.) Marvelous Merveilleux - combine light & airy merengue cookies layered with whippied cream filling and ringed in decadent toppings like chocolate.

2.) Middle Eastern and Norther African Flavors - ingredients like harissa, zaatar, and Aleppo peppers introduce a complexity of flavors that pair well with many sweet treats.

3.) Smoke Meets Sweet - smokey flavors are a match made in sweet heaven adding a decadent depth to any dessert menu.

4.) Dessert Mash-Ups and Remixes - classic treats get a twist: cookies in to pies, pies in to ice creams... the mash up combinations are limitless not just in type of baked good but flavors too!

Geometric Sugar Art

Geometric Sugar Art

5.) Fruitful Possibilities - sweets get fruity and are piled high on to desserts adding flavor, texture, aroma, and color. Try blood oranges, mandarines, grapefruits, and more.

6.) Geometric Sugar Art - bold, geometric patterns are taking shape in bold new ways all over cakes and sweet treat plating displays.

7.) Dazzling Delectables - edible gold, silver, and bronze are adding shimmering accents or bold depths to sweet treats. We personally love the Gold!

8.) Fondant Watercolor - using water color techniques and applying them to the art of cake design is creating displays of color explosions on sweets.

The Statement Flower

9.) Revolutionary Color Confectionery - there are no rules when applying colorful confectionery to sweets. Mix pastels, jewel tones, and primary colors.

10.) The Statement Flower - larger than life, fondant and gum paste flowers are a stunning addition to any cake.

For more details visit the WILTON BLOG HERE.

by Craig Chapman