The Perfect Bar Family Food Story

The Perfect Bar Family Food Story

The story of Perfect Bar is one that resonates with us here at Real Food Real Kitchens, family started, family owned, and family operated (since the mid-60's!). The Perfect Bar was born one day when Dr. Bud Keith was on the road with his family. By chance, he ground up dried fruits and vegetables, mixed them with peanut butter and honey as a snack for his family. After one bite he declared, 'It's Perfect!". And so goes the beginning of the Perfect Bar.

Since then his children have taken their Fathers concept and built it in to a family business. His oldest son Bill Keith is now CEO of the company and runs it with his 12 brothers and sisters. Now with a line of 7 different flavored bars and counting, each bar offers a different set of organic, super food ingredients that are all vegetarian, including one vegan option which is our absolute favorite, Almond Coconut. The Almond Coconut Bar, for example, is loaded with 100% organic ingredients, 8G of whole food protein, is non-gmo and gluten & soy free. The bars themselves are densely packed together with ingredients you'll actually recognize by taste and on the ingredients list. 

Real Food Real Kitchens has been on a life long quest for the perfect bar to eat as an afternoon snack or breakfast on the go that will give us natural energy throughout the day. With the number of nutrition bars out there you'd figure someone would have gotten the formula right already (all natural, no preservatives or manufactured ingredients, etc...). It tastes like that time has finally come with Perfect Bar, thank you.

*Perfect Bars are available on-line HERE.

by Craig Chapman

The Real Food Real Kitchens favorite Perfect Bar - Almond Coconut