Lighten Up Your Kitchen Real Food Real Kitchens Style

Lighten Up Your Kitchen Real Food Real Kitchens Style

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Placid Blue Kitchen Color

Growing up on the east coast of Florida, we have fallen in love with the blue skies paled by the gray clouds that flood the beaches with afternoon showers. The subtle browns of natural sea oats and ocean sand add an extra tint to this all-natural color combination of paloma and placid blue. The hues of grays, blues, and browns provide a perfect setting for the colorful fruits and veggies we love to cook in our kitchen.

Paloma Kitchen Color

Choosing a color palette for your kitchen can be quite daunting. What colors do you really really love and can live with for many years to come. We chose placid blue not only because it's our favorite color but because you can alternate items with brighter pops of color in and out of your kitchen throughout the year as the seasons change. The monochromatic hue of black gives you paloma which offers a subtle gray to paint your backdrop with and again allows you to interchange a rainbow of colors throughout the year.

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by Craig Chapman