GIFT GUIDE - Handcrafted Christmas - Ornaments, Decorations, and Cookie Recipes to Make at Home

Handcrafted Christmas - Ornaments, Decorations, and Cookie Recipes to Make at Home

book by Susan Waggoner (Stewart, Tabori, and Chang / Abrams)

Susan Waggoner has style, and it shows in her incredibly creative new book 'Handcrafted Christmas'. It's the kind of style we love at Real Food Real Kitchens... it carries that vintage feel of Christmases past with tiny, delicate handcrafted treasures from the 1920's - 1960's. It's not an era I lived in, but it's one I have re-lived through my Grandmothers and Grandfathers and even my own parents. I still have and use a crochet blanket my Grandmother Chapman gave me three years after I was born, in fact I was wrapped up in it just last night.

This book is unique because each project is preceded by a story about the projects historic holiday tradition, ones that were often passed down through generations of her own family. Real Food Real Kitchens is all about Family, Culture, and Traditions! Speaking of food... 'Handcrafted Christmas' also includes recipes to some of the most traditionally delicious in a section called 'The Twelve Days of Christmas Cookie Swap'. It gives recipes and stories for Ginger Cookies, Pecan Tassies, Lace Cookies, Butter Coins and Thumbprints.

Reviewers personal hand crafted blanket

Reviewers personal hand crafted blanket

Back to the crafts at hand... the Author gives clear step-by-step instructions paired with beautiful and nostalgic photography that makes creating most of these crafts a breeze. Some of the more simple projects include 'Lucky Pinecones', a 'Candy Stripe Christmas Stocking', 'Rustic Candle Holders', and vintage 'Party Invitations'.

This book is a Crafters dream! These projects are also perfect to sit down and create together with family and friends during the holiday season.

In a hurry to get this one for the Holidays? No worries, you can find it in stores or order a copy HERE

review by Craig Chapman