GIFT GUIDE - Hand Crafted Olive Oil

Holman Ranch Olive Oil - p. Scott Campbell

Olive Oil can be like a fine wine to a Chef. It's a key ingredient to most dishes and adds not only subtle flavor but also affects the way food cooks. Holman Ranch offers up small batch olive oil that's incredibly delicious and a rare gift for the foodie in your life. We were psyched to get our hands on a bottle to say the least.

Upon first removing the foil enclosed top and 'popping' the cork to this olive oil, we could smell a light citrusy aroma and the oil itself was equally light. We used it to saute our favorite vegetables and drizzled some over a salad. This olive oil with a squeeze of lemon and some salt and pepper was all we needed. We also used it in a deliciously light, blood orange cake as well, amazing!

Olive Tree - p. Matt Gnibus

The Holman Ranch has an olive grove located in part of their vineyard. It is harvested by hand then cold pressed and bottled to produce the highest quality olive oil possible. It is a small operation so each bottle is given special care and attention, hand crafted.

They have six olive varietals growing in their olive grove that are blended to produce their Tuscan style Olive Oil. One variety of olive produces a subtle flavor with a touch of saltiness, another has a strong, peppery flavor with a hint of sweetness and yet another olive produces a delicate oil with a mild, fruity flavor (this was most prominent to us). Holman Ranch has found the perfect blend of these varietals to create an unforgettable olive oil.

To learn more and buy your own bottle of Holman Ranch Olive Oil ($25 for 12.6 oz) click HERE

by Craig Chapman

Olive Tree Grove - p. Tom O'Neal