GIFT GUIDE - 'Harvest... Pursuit of Real Food' book review

Harvest - Field Notes From a Far Flung Pursuit of Real Food (W.W. Norton & Company)

by Max Watman

Author Max Watman

Some of our favorite books lately have been books about food that are NOT cookbooks. They have been books that incorporate food in to stories of life. Such is the case with Max Watman's 'Harvest - Field Notes From a Far Flung Pursuit of Real Food'. And while the title suggests Max's adventures in food are far flung, we see them more as stories from a man who is passionate about his Family and Food, by chance two things that Real Food Real Kitchens is all about. Funny how that works out.

This thoroughly enjoyable read is a true to life tale about leaving a busy life behind for what the Author thought would be a more simple life on a farm. He quickly realizes farm life is way more real. Any well seasoned city dweller knows the struggles of life in the big city. They also know that it can often be a very 'every person for themselves' type of life, it kind of has to be. But life on the farm is just that, life; animals, plants, family... everything depends on you and there is no time for a break, and everything earned takes a lot more physical and emotional work than punching  few buttons on your Macbook Pro. One of many lessons subtly learned while reading 'Harvest'.

'Harvest' coyly captures the Authors stumbles and falls along the way. As he leaves the life of a hipster food-ie-file and turns in to a lifetime food artisan, Max perfects the transition of his small town home in to a 'gastronomic paradise' in this page turning memoir. He does it with an approach of hilarity which is pleasing and he doesn't take any of it too seriously, he simply seeks Real Food.

'Harvest' is a perfect book for foodies and is full of truth in food, minus any recipes. This is definitely one you will want to share once you finish reading it and with its emotive drive that shouldn't take you too long.

by Craig Chapman