What 'Chew' Eatin' Jennifer Lawrence?

What 'Chew' Eatin' Jennifer Lawrence?

With the third installment of The Hunger Games about to come out in theaters, all eyes are on Jennifer Lawrence. The outwardly silly and super hilarious mega-star is outspoken about the types of food she loves. And what is her number one fave food? JUNK FOOD of course! She loves eating more than anything next to acting, she even carried a purse full of snacks with her to the Oscars! 

So what might be in that purse of hers I wondered? One item I know we'll find are Cool Ranch Doritos, "[they] are my girl.", Lawrence once said. You can also include french fries, pizza, ice cream, and popcorn on that list, though I'm not so sure how she'd fit all those in to one purse.

She's been seen shopping at Whole Foods, one would think out picking up some healthier options... nope! Try a bag of Ruffles potato chips. One would also think an A-List celeb like Jennifer might opt for a light salad before a big awards show... not Jennifer! She prefers a Philly Cheese-Steak.

If Jennifer has to sit down to a 'real meal' she would opt for a pasta dish. And with the holidays coming up, her holiday favorites sound pretty normal to me: green bean casserole, stuffing with gravy, buttery sweet rolls, pumpkin pie, and deep fried turkey.

What ever Jennifer Lawrence chooses to indulge in, she gets an A+ from me for keeping it real....delicious!

by Craig Chapman

Jennifer Lawrence's favorite junk food, Cool Ranch Doritos!