GIFT GUIDE - iGrill Mini by iDevices

The iGrill Mini

Today I tested the iDevices iGrill Mini, the bluetooth enabled, hands off thermometer probe used while cooking meat. I'm definitely a 'set-it and relax' kind of guy when it comes to cooking out or smoking meats, so I was definitely attracted to this hands free device.


The iGrill Mini is very easy to set up and the temperature readings were very accurate. I like the magnet on the base so it will stick anywhere on the smoker.


The only fault I have with the iGrill Mini is that you need to be fairly close to the device in order for the Bluetooth to work. My phone would not pick up the signal from the living room so it kind of ruled out lounging on the couch and watching the game.


This is a well designed techy gadget that works great for the most part. I continue to use it each time I grill out or use my smoker and best of all, as long as I stay close enough, it's hands free and let's me know when my food is at the correct temperature.

Retail Price: about $35 - $40 available HERE.

The iGrill Mini in action.