The NYC Wine & Food Festival Wrap Up #NYCWFF

The madness of the Grand Tasting at the #NYCWFF. Sooo much good food and drink!

This year's New York City Wine and Food Festival was nothing short of amazing!!! We went on a HUGE taste adventure in the four shorts days... Visiting Mo Rocca's 'Hot Dog Happy Hour', Chef Morimoto's 'Rock n' Roll Night Market', the Grand Tasting, and we ended it with Trisha Yearwood's 'Down Home Country Brunch'. Each event was equally special and tasty! Here are a few photos to recap this years taste-downs:

by Craig Chapman


The Celebrity Chef's were all over the place at the Grand Tasting. Real Food Real Kitchens even got in on a little of the action with a small feature on the Extended Stay America 'Away From Home Cooking' recipe winner Lauren Wyler.

Paula Deen had the crowd going wild!

Martha Stewart signed her new book 'One Pot' for fans.

The crowds poured in to watch Rachel Ray's cooking demo.

Michael Symon talked balancing his meat heavy diet and having a #vegan wife.

It's Emeril Lagasse!

We heart Roger Mooking!

That's Real Food Real Kitchens founder and producer Craig Chapman there on the right shooting with Extended Stay America's 'Away From Home Recipe' contest winner Lauren Wyler


Chef Morimoto's event the 'Rock n Roll Night Market' was as filled with energy as the man himself. There were delicious offerings all over the place featuring not just foods with Asian flare but fusions of all types. High energy, amazing food = a rock n' roll night.

The charismatic Chef Morimoto

Morimoto dishin' it up fast! The line was long for him.

The super awesome Ming Tsai from PBS series 'Simply Ming' and Blue Ginger restaurant in NYC

Chef Anita Lo from Annisa restaurant in NYC.

Plating food non-stop!


I think I may have fallen in love with Trisha Yearwood just a lil' bit at her 'Down Home Country Brunch'. I'm not sure if it was the amazing and sweet food, the spot on coffee beverages from Illy, or the sheer emotion that rang out of her voice that morning, but it was something special indeed.

A beautiful performance by Trisha Yearwood!

An intimate crowd for the Trisha Yearwood performance at the #NYCWFF Down Home Country Brunch.

Doc D from Doc D's Southern Desserts in Brooklyn!



Hot Dogs, one of America's quintessential foods. The best part of this happy hour was that no hot dog was the same. The fusion of flavors and toppings on these dogs were the perfect way to ease in to the barrage of flavorful foods that were coming throughout the weekend.

"I like a meal you can eat on the run," Mo Rocca.

Our hot dog host of the night Mr. Mo Rocca!

Hot dog mania, servin' em' up left and right.

Emily & Matt from Pizza Loves Emily

The 'Far East' dog by New York Dog House

Mo Rocca's signature 'My Grandmothers Ravioli Canoli Dog'

MELT served up AMAZING ice cream sandwiches for dessert

*special thanks to Tory Clark for his help over the #NYCWFF weekend.