Hot Brooklyn Bagels

Brooklyn Bagels

If there is one thing we miss most when we are away from Brooklyn it's having the luxury of walking out of our front door every morning and grabbing a fresh, hot bagel with just about anything on it we desire. This just doesn't happen anywhere else in the country. We got hooked shortly after moving from Florida to Brooklyn when we realized a bagel was just about all we could afford :O) Below is a tribute and step by step process of making and ultimately selling a Brooklyn bagel from 1979? Enjoy!

 Filmed in Brooklyn, this shows the process of handmade bagels. From creating the dough to the baking and sale, the process is explained along with the extemporaneous commentary on the changing nature of the bagel business, and the shops place in the neighborhood. Filmed in 1979? by Nick Manning, this is part of the 16mm film collection at the Brooklyn Public Library's local history division, the Brooklyn Collection.

by Craig Chapman

Bagel maker by Brett Jones