Top 10 Chocolate Milkshakes

Milkshakes are one of many American classics and every diner, ice cream parlor, and fast food joint claim to have the best malted milkshake or homespun version of a milkshake that is 'The Best in the US'.

We all know it is impossible to create a true top 10 list of the Best Chocolate Milkshakes in 'Merica so we just went with our personal faves we have come across in the past year. From fast food chains, to those with some national notoriety, to a Mom & Pop... here is the Real Food Real Kitchens Top 10 Best Chocolate Milkshakes We've Ever Had along with a recipe we just came up with today!

by Craig Chapman

(*in no particular order)

Top 10 Chocolate Milkshakes - Our Number 1

1.) Shake Shack - Brooklyn, NY

The Shake Shack makes everyones top 10 and there's good reason for it. After featuring the Mast Brothers chocolate in the first issue of Real Food Real Kitchens magazine we found out they lent their chocolate and chocolate makings skills to make a Shake Shack 'Concrete' called the 'Fudge-eddaboutit' which includes: Chocolate custard, Mast Brothers Shake Shack dark chocolate chunks, and cinnamon fudge sauce. We got one daily on our last visit to Brooklyn.


2.) Franklin Fountain - Philadelphia, PA

Franklin Fountain

This place IS a piece of history thanks to the minds of the Great Berley Brothers way back in 2003? LOL, they had the right idea in mind after renovating a turn of the century building in Philly and creating what they call, "The Franklin Fountain... aims to serve an experience steeped in ideals, drizzled with drollery, and sprinkled with the forgotten flavors of the American past." They were spot on and their milkshakes (especially the chocolate) are just one of the hundreds of offerings on their ice cream dream of a menu. 


Del's Freez

3.) Del's Freez - Melbourne, FL

We had to throw this home town favorite in to the mix. This place has been around longer than any of us has been alive and there's a reason why there's a line 40 deep every night outside this place even in winter.... AMAZING everything ice cream including their chocolate shakes. While the chocolate shake is a solid way to go we can't resist just about anything on their menu (peanut butter chocolate twist, banana splits, hotdogs.... you name it!). It's what Shake Shack was born from!


Lexington Candy Shop

4.) Lexington Candy Shop - NYC

Dating back to possibly 1925 the Lexington Candy Shop is what one would imagine when thinking of an old-school New York City 'Luncheonette'. After having a lunch of a grilled cheese, roast beef, or tuna salad sandwich... grab a classic chocolate malted milkshake and thank us later for having made the trip all the up to 83rd & Lex.


5.) Steak n' Shake - National

The 2pm/am -4pm/am happy hour is the way to go. Thousands of shakes later (probably millions actually) you can't go wrong with a Steak n' Shake shake, it's in their name! Especially during their shake Happy Hour, you can't go wrong at less than $2 bucks a pop. One a week keeps us satisfied!


In n' Out Burger by Kylie L.

6.) In n' Out Burger - Western US

One of the first things we do when we land in Los Angeles is to stop by In n' Out burger, if we had them at home I'm sure we'd eat there daily. While it's their oddly amazing 'veggie' burger that gets us off (it's really just a cheeseburger minus the burger) there's also something in their chocolate shakes we just can't resist... in that fast food sort of way.


The Vasity

7.) The Varsity - Original Atlanta, GA

Talk about comfort food, The Varsity in Atlanta has comfort written all over it in our books. Growing up with both sides of your family living in the area, we would make the 10 hour drive from Florida to Atlanta many times a year and the beacon of hope for that trip almost being over was always a stop at The Varsity. Our favorite item on that legendary menu was always the chocolate shake we always got to go.


Wendy's Chocolate Frosty

8.) Wendy's Chocolate Frosty - National

Wendy's is such a giant chain that we would have never thought of this one had our Mom not suggested it. There is a large amount of nostalgia in a Wendy's chocolate frosty having grown up in a pretty 'normal' 'average' american town. And the Frosty is just one of those consistently delicious concoctions that's has some kind of chocolately taste all its own. Sort of like the fact that you can't quite figure out if its ice cream or a shake, you just eat it and smile.


Pinocchio's - Sanibel Island, FL

9.) Pinocchio's Original's Home Made Italian Ice Cream - Sanibel Island, FL

This place sets us back about $10 a day when we are on vacation here. It is a daily habit from when we drive on to the Island (it's our first stop) until seven days later when we leave the Island (it's our last stop). Every flavor is phenomenal but their shakes are bet! We simply ride our bikes each evening, grab a shake, chill out for a minute and go. Our friends call it 'a chocolate lovers paradise'. We agree.


10.) - Johnny Rockets - National

After spending a solid 5 months in South Beach Miami for work, Johnny Rockets became almost a daily staple for no other reason than we knew it would be good and fast! You couldn't go wrong with JR's on a fast paced day at work. Of course since it was on the company dime we finished each lunch with a super thick and delicious chocolate shake. The perfect way to be sure the rest of your day goes sugar coma slow, we love it!




1/2 cup to 1 Cup Chocolate (we use soy) Milk

2 1/2 cups Talenti's Double Dark Chocolate gelato

1/2 cup original flavor malted milk powder

Chocolate syrup or Nutela to taste

Cocoa Powder to taste


Mix it all in a blender and prepare for Chocolate OVERLOAD! 


Milkshake Madness