Top 10 Flowers for a First Date

Top 10 Florwers for a First Date

Flowers are a great idea for a first date, especially a dinner date! The Real Food Real Kitchens team are experts at the food part so I am adding in some helpful tips on adding that special final touch with flowers.  Here are a few hints to pull it off right. 

Find a local florist for the freshest product and good advice, they will help guide you. Get on a first name basis with them. Have them wrap a couple of blooms with some simple greens like bear grass with a raffia tie.  Keep it simple, don’t look like you are trying too hard, but by going to a florist instead of a box store it does show you put forth a bit of effort.  Here are a few flowers that hold up well in a wrap (out of water) and are sure to please!

1.) Gerbera Daisy (*pictured above) - Flower meaning cheerfulness, and they are oh so cheery to put a smile on any girl’s face


2.) Sunflower Sunshine in a flower!




Asiatic Lily

3.) Asiatic Lily - I like the yellow or orange ones, this type of lily is fragrance free so you don’t have to worry about finding out that she is allergic to your gift.



Purple Lisianthus

4.) Lisianthus A bit unexpected this fab purple flower is very delicate looking but really lasts a long time, most won’t know what it is so it gives you a chance to show your expertise that you learned from your florist.


Purple Carnation

5.) Purple Carnation - Carnations can seem a bit ordinary but in this color it’ll knock her socks off!  These babies last well over two weeks.




6.) Single Rose (any color except NO RED you are too early for that!)  - I personally like the orange ones the best.  They open up really quickly but they still last a very long time, I like a rose that fully opens.  Lavender is really popular too with women, but you might have to order a couple of days in advance.  They have a bit shorter vase life than the other colors (7-10 days rather than 10-16)


7.) Tulips - Often only available in the spring, but some shops have them year round.  If you can find some go for parrot tulips.  If you have a choice between soil grown (usually from California) and hydroponically grown go with the soil grown, they last so much longer for just a small increase in price.

Orange Pincushion Protea

8.) Orange Pincushion Protea - Exotic and really, really cool.  These flowers can last for weeks and weeks with proper care.






Lime Fuji Mum

9.)Lime Fuji Mums - Just really fun and funky, also super long lasting.





Dendrobium Orchid

10.) Dendrobium Orchids - Sweet and exotic, I like the fuchsia the best.

By Christi Brown

of Violets In Bloom Florist, 3682 North Wickham Rd. Suite D, Melbourne, FL 32935 *