Get Your Zombie Burger!

Get Your Zombie Burger Here!

So several months ago we thought we were pretty clever with our little story on Walking Dead cupcakes, well we were put in our place after we discovered Zombie Burger + Drink Lab in Des Moines, Iowa. Their 'Walking Ched Burger' could quite possibly be one of the most amazing burgers we have ever heard about! Let's start with what makes this burger the most amazing thing ever: the buns are made out of two deep fried chunks of mac n cheese! Then sandwiched between that you have two burger patties, more cheese, bacon, onions and mayo and whatever else you'd like. 

In the past Des Moines, Iowa would probably been on our 'Ten Least Likely Places to Go on Vacation, Ever!' but it quickly switched to out 'Top 10 MOST Likely' places to visit once we got word of the mac n cheese bun. They should already be mass producing these for the upcoming new season of The Walking Dead. Send some to FL, we watch The Walking Dead at Cinema World in Melbourne, FL <hint hint>.

by Craig Chapman

Inside Zombie Burger in Des Moices, Iowa

Get your Zombie Burger on!