Bacon, Natures Candy

Bacon, Natures Candy in all forms.

It's Bacon! My dog likes it, me Mum likes it, my Nieces even like it, and so do we too! After our friend posted an image of a bar of bacon soap today with the quote 'Minty Fresh!' we had to investigate a little more to see what else 'bacon' we could find. We didn't have to dig too deep thanks to the site Archie McPhee.

They have an entire bacon collection HERE with 60 items on the menu. Although they aren't all food related, many of their items are such as: bacon candies of all sorts, bacon sticks, bacon frosting, bacon bubblegum and more. Don't delay, if you are a super huge die hard fan of the fatty, smokey, crispy, goodness of bacon, this collection of luciously scented bacon treats are just for you!

by Craig Chapman

Kiss me! I taste like bacon :O)

Happy Birthday to you, little piggy!