Twinkies Are Back, Yay!

Twinkies Are Back, Yay!

People lost their filling when it was announced last year that Twinkies (and Hostess) were going to become obsolete. Shelves emptied in hours but many of us, myself included, saw it as a way out, cold turkey, give up the junk like a junkie... but alas we knew deep down those round, moist, creme filled delights could go away forever. And now they're back! Twinkies will hit store shelves nationally by late July. Woody Harrelson and Shia Labeouf can relish in the joy of mass Twinkie consumption along with the rest of America

Shia Labeouf builds a tower of Twinkies in Disturbia

But these new Twinkies come with a slight twist. The new owners said the company will be freezing Twinkies for about 10% of its retailers upon request, which lets stores put their own expiration dates on them. Wal-Mart however will be getting fresh Twinkies so they may be your best bet. Twinkies now have a shelf life of 45 days. That's nearly three weeks longer than the 26 days the previous company had stated for the cakes... less waste, more preservatives? Of course never fear, the 'new' Twinkies will be just the same as the old, just as fattening and delicious as they were before.

by Craig Chapman

Woody Harrelson's character in Zombieland obsessed over Twinkies, a running theme in the movie.

Movie poster for Zombieland featuring THE TWINKIE!