10 Food Tattoos, Delicious?

Tattoos are a personal choice that can add style and a story to a persons life worn right there where we all can see it (well most of them). I personally opt to eat my food and revisit that memory by eating it again and again if it's something I like. Apparently these chefs all need a permanent reminder every now and then, that's some serious food dedication. Lick and enjoy and comment on your most favorite and least favorite below. Delicious? or not? 

by Craig Chapman

*listed in no particular order

10 Food Tattoos, Delicious? 

Super Veg!

Chef Sean Brock has the ultimate sleeve, a whimsical vegetable garden.

Delicious Pie!!! Argh!

Chef Chuck Hughes doesn't leave us guessing what his favorite foods are. I know where I'd take him on a date.

Critters are cute!

Chef Michael Symons gives pork a double take on his calf and chest.

Chef Jason Seibert goes for a more stylistic approach with the basic eating utensils, fork & knife.

Chefs Michael Giletto and Alina Eisenhauer proudly display  matching tattoos for a huge culinary achievement, a James Beard Foundation Award.

Chef Matt Nugnes shows off his old school foodie tatt, artwork that is still subtly incorporated today in to his restaurant Matt's Casbah.

We just love this one! We're just not sure who is sporting this beauty, do you?

It's doesn't get any more hardcore than this, some might think it silly to get a basic tomato sauce recipe tattooed on your arm, we see it as a permanent way to carry on tradition. Anyone know who's arm this is?

Daddy MC's Pig Tattoo, break it down nah.