Top 10 Recipe APPS

op 10 Recipes APPS

We love Top 10 lists! A top 10 we looked for way back when we started Real Food Real Kitchens was for APPS to help us with recipes, tips, and tricks to cooking. We couldn't find a decent one so we decided to compile this list of our favorite APPS to help others weed through bad recipes, and find an abundance of awesome ones!


10.) FOODUCATE - The only reason we put Fooducate in the bottom slot is because it's not really a cooking APP but more of a 'be informed what your eating when you cook' APP. Simply use this APP and scan a bar code on any food item in the store and find out all kinds of information about the product: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

9.) ALLRECIPES.COM - This APP is pretty awesome because it's almost like gambling each time you open it. Use the dinner spinner and let the APP pick your meal for you or you can set your own preferences to search 100's of recipes. Categories include: Length of time to prepare, Ingredients, and Dish Type. It also offers other ways of searching like by dietary filters. We'd set ours on 'Vegetarian' and come up with guacamole, spinach quiche, and spicy bean salsa for a few examples.

We wish CHEFS (would) FEED us!

8.) CHEFS FEED - You can use this APP as more of an inspiration than anything. Since most of us aren't galevanting around

the globe eating, you can at least wish you were with this APP. "Want to know where Mario Batali gets his carnitas taco fix? Where Wolfgang Puck goes for sushi or where Thomas Keller goes for pasta? Chefs Feed has the answers. With thousands of high-end to hole-in-the-wall restaurant recommendations straight from the mouths of the country’s best chefs, you’ll learn where to go, and most importantly, what to order.

You MUST have these!!! BH&G.

7.) MUST HAVE RECIPES FROM BETTER HOMES & GARDENS - This clean and simple APP supplies you with over 500 recipes that are searchable by all kinds of filters to fit your dietary needs, "You will easily be able to find recipes that are fast, healthy, low-fat, or an editor's favorite." It's also full of tips, videos, and techniques to help make you a better cook and keep you organized. Basically this darn tootin' APP is straight forward and to the point and has simple recipes for ALL!

Eating Well in a Hurry

6.) EATINGWELL.COM HEALTHY IN A HURRY - We're in on this one, we always need something healthy in a hurry. Even though we are in the business of writing about, photographing, and filming food... we still have to make meals for ourselves every now and then. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack in between, this APP has over 200 recipes just for 'that'. Like other recipe APPs, everything is searchable, organizer friendly... but this APP also has a variety of international dishes which we LOVE.

We like the drinkie drinkie.

5.) DRINKS AND COCKTAILS - Drink, drank, drunk! While we don't condone over-indulging in the spirit world, we do love a tasty cocktail and this APP has them all! Many of them are just as delicious sans booze for our non-drinking adult family members. Stir this one up by giving it a spin and making whatever the APP drones choose for you. It's becomes as fun as matching your drink color to your attire after you've had a few.

Whole Foods

4.) WHOLE FOODS - Loving this APP is as easy as loving a beautiful Sunday morning. Whole Foods is one of our favorite places to shop and this APP makes it easy by offering you COURSE: Breakfast & Brunch, CATEGORY: Quick & Easy, SPECIAL DIET: Vegetarian, and wahlah, we got a berry waffle breakfast sandwich, serving size 1, and all of the nutritional facts are listed. Now we can make a simple plan for food and keep our Sunday just as simple. An easy way to eat healthy all day!

We are very curious!

3.) EPICURIOUS - The Epi APP is one we use often because it has that added touch of class to it. With a clean design, beautiful pictures, and simple functionality, Epi makes finding appropriate recipes and shopping easy breezy. They probably say it best on their own site. "This next-generation kitchen companion enables food lovers to search for professionally created and tested recipes, make interactive shopping lists, follow step-by-step stove-side instructions, and sync to your online Recipe Box." That just sounds delicious! Categories include: Fast & Fresh (our fave), Desserts, Dinners, Main Course Salads, Grilled Main Course, Ice Cream, and more. a HUGE variety for those of us with even bigger palates.

Very BIG!

2.) BIG OVEN - Big Oven is on everyone's top list of APPs and for good reason, they have over 250,000 recipes! The Fans (including us) have spoken: "I would give this app 100 stars!" "Love this app! There is always a recipe for any kind of dish I want to make." "I love this app. It's great to make a list and then have my husband pick up items and not forget because it's right there!" "By far the best cooking app out there. Thousands of recipes with the flexibility to search by ingredients... 5 stars!" "I love this app! My mom and I use it at the store when we feel creative and our results have our family and friends raving. I can't imagine a better app than this one. And it's free!" Ok enough already, we're sure you get the picture, go DL this APP now!

Jamie's APP

1.) JAMIE'S RECIPES - his APP carries an energy that we vibe off of and we're certain it has everything to do with Jamie's personality and smile. Approaching the kitchen with a positive attitude (unlike someone yesterday who killed a bran muffin recipe in our kitchen yesterday) is key. The sweet taste of success or the equally important, learning from failure. Whatever the outcome 'Jamie's Recipes' will give you the starting point for some of his favorite recipes for free. Then you can continue to add to your line up of fave dishes by purchasing additional recipe packages. Package a love for Jamie, his delicious dishes, and a killer design and you've got our final APP for Recipes.

by Craig Chapman