Craft Beer Goes Gaming

Craft Beer Goes Gaming

Beer Hunt is an all new iOS app that turns drinking into a game, giving you points, and ultimately physical rewards for chugging everyone's favoritely famous micro-brews.

Launched today at the Demo Mobile conference in San Francisco, you get points every time you log a beer into your beer profile depending on what type of beer it is. More points if it's a rare beer, a beer from a far away, or just a beer you've never tried before.

The score is kept on your profile, called the "Drink-o-graphic," which also let's you know when you had your last beer and how much beer you've had in the last month. The points place users on a leader-board with friends and lets them unlock badges. A great bit of documentation for your boss to see on one of those mornings you come in late 'not feeling so well'.


Points are only good for bragging rights for now, but the Founder of Beer Hunt plans to add deals for free beer and other rewards, like brewery tours in the near future. Drink away my fiendish friends!

by Craig Chapman

Beer Hunt the New Drinking App