Anthony Bourdain 'Parts Unknown '

nthony Bourdain 'Parts Unknown

"A human-powered Ferris wheel, a punk rock group and the scariest train ride ever." If you missed Anthony Bourdain's newest show 'Parts Unkown' you can now catch the first episode shot in Myanmar HERE.

What strikes me first about Anothony Bourdain's newest show 'Parts Unknown' is how fitting the soundtrack is for the opening of a Bourdain show; perfect classic rock. And of course his love for food, travel, music, and people comes up again and again throughout the episode. We dive right in to an hour long adventure throughout the widely unknown country of Myanmar. It stated that after 50 years of dictatorship the people got bored so they did the one thing they could do, cooked lots of food. After a quick history lesson followed by a popular morning ritual in Myanmar, morning tea, the first episode heads straight in to an aromatic blend that includes the perfect balance of adventure, travel, politics, and food.

'Parts Unknown' is not unlike Bourdain shows of the past where all of these elements come together in that 'Bourdain'-istic way, seamlessly making sense together. There's nothing fancy about his approach in this new series, as usual he rides public transportation and sits down to experience the real traditions of food, which is why Bourdain is so striking to us in the first place here at Real Food Real Kitchens. But it's the added effort of exploring the back story of the food a bit deeper and diving in to the place where it has boiled for 50 years, swimming the muddy waters long enough to find the jewel filled shells that have been laying at the bottom for so long. In 'Unknown Parts' it's not just the food, but the culture and history itself.

Through the complexities of exploring food, life and politics in not-normally-traveled-to countries around the world, 'Parts Unknown' has one resounding theme, 'Simple & Delicious'.


by Craig Chapman

Anthony Bourdain on a public bus in Myanmar

Anthony Bourdain 'Parts Unknown'

Anthony Bourdain 'Parts Unknown'