Real Food Real Kitchens $15k Mission

Real Food Real Kitchens $15k Mission

Making Real Food Real Kitchens happen doesn't come for free, especially when we are making a new season of the TV series. So I am on a mission to raise $15,000 to help us produce Season 2 of the series which will be the 'Southern' season (deliciousness!!!). Below is my Real Food Real Kitchens story, if you enjoy RFRK as much as I do producing it, please make a pledge, any amount is an ENORMOUS help (email for pledge information)!

My name is Craig and I came up with concept for Real Food Real Kitchens (RFRK) in 2008. 

I had been working as a production manager in NYC for MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, Time Inc.... and on many feature films for almost 17 years and decided I wanted to start producing my own series. I wanted to start with a show that every person on the planet could relate to. One that everyone would have some kind of emotional connection to and food was the one thing that kept coming back in to focus so... I came up with the idea of real people cooking in their real kitchens sharing some kind of traditional family dish with the viewer. It was worlds away from the celebrity chef driven, competition cooking shows that are so popular, and it was based in the docu-reality style of production I am very skilled at producing and most importantly to me, it tells a story. It tells the story of a person, a family, college roommates who had made their own family away from home, a single Father and his Daughter, two sisters... it is an evergreen concept full of life and culture and history, and has all of the elements to tell a great story. I saved up $200, spent all of it on a camera / sound guy who was amazing enough to say yes for so little (thank you Frank!), and we shot a pilot in Brooklyn, NY over 2 days.

Two years later I had finally saved enough to start production on 13 episodes, I had found distribution for the series, and over the next two additional years we shot, produced, and edited a first season (13 episodes). The story of the struggles to get that season done could garner its own book. 

The series has since grown tremendously and has been very well received, it even spawned its own magazine. But here I am once again dying to produce season two and still lacking the much needed support and resources to get it completed. Since the show is on public television (a perfect home for this series) I rely on sponsors, underwriters, and support directly from people like you to make this series possible. So with the $15,000 I am trying to raise it will be spent on production and post production costs for season 2, marketing expenses, new equipment that is desperately needed (we used copious amounts of tape to keep the equipment from falling apart in season 1), and some much needed help here in the office  to help finish season 2.

Craig (5th from left) and Chefs from RFRK at the 2012 Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival.

Without your support Real Food Real Kitchens will not be able to grown into the brand it deserves to be and the first step in that direction is finishing season two. If I can reach above the set goal of $15,000, extra money will be used for future seasons, the development of a spin off series, increased production values, and expanding the brands reach in to publishing, special events, radio, and other outlets of media.

THANK YOU! - Craig Chapman

Real Food Real Kitchens first feature in Florida Today.