Mom and Pop - Thai Food featuring Chez Quan's (S1 Ep1)


Real Food Real Kitchens presents Mom and Pop, an all new series about 'family' owned food businesses and the people, passion, food, and culture behind them. Each episode explores the beautiful marriage of family, love and delicious food inside some of the most amazing Mom and Pop restaurants. Get ready to laugh, cry, and drool!

In episode one from season one of Mom and Pop, we visit Thai restaurant Chez Quan’s in Melbourne, FL. Mother and Son duo Adam and Quan tell their delicious and touching story to kick off the series right!

You can listen to the full story on our Mom and Pop podcast linked below.



Most dishes in Thai cuisine hit all the taste buds at once with a waterfall of delicious flavors: sweet, spicy, tangy, and salty. Turn to simple beers that will cool the tongue and stand alongside the dishes’ nuances like a Florida Beer ‘Hurricane Reef’ Pilsner or IPA.